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Seabirds, Kaikoura, New ZealandDusky Dolphin, Kaikoura, New ZealandLittle (Blue) Penguin, Kaikoura Peninsula, New ZealandDuck, Christchurch, New ZealandWeddell Seal, McMurdo Sound, AntarcticaEmperor Penguins, AntarcticaEmperor Penguin, AntarcticaWeddell Seal, McMurdo Sound, AntarcticaEmperor Penguin Feet, McMurdo Sound, AntarcticaEmperor Penguins Marching in AntarcticaAdelie Penguin, AntarcticaA Group of Emperor Penguins on the Sea Ice in McMurdo SoundOystercatcher Rests on One Leg in New ZealandBeached Starfish, AntarcticaWeddell Seal Pup with MotherWeddell Seal SnarlPerfect PenguinHolding a CrabNight FrogAfrican Elephant